Handmade Paracord Bracelets & Accessories


My name is Melissa, I started Knot Creations in 2011. My first paracord bracelets were made at the request of my son and husband. As friends and family saw the bracelets, they too became interested in wearing them.  I went into this as a hobby and it has turned into a full-time job.  The past few years have been amazing!  My business has exploded to levels I never imagined.  After a few months, I was able to quit my full-time, medical office job of 5 years and dedicate myself to Knot Creations 100%.  I make each and every piece to be tough, durable and fun to wear everyday.

I am very proud to offer you a great product that is handcrafted here in America. To be more specific, I make each piece myself at my home in beautiful middle Tennessee. 

This is the most rewarding job I've ever had! It brings much joy knowing that I am making a product that is very meaningful to someone. If it is making awareness bracelets for an entire group of people to show support for someone they love with a terminal illness or the biggest football fan on the face of the earth. I hear lots of inspirational stories that come from my items and that is why I continue to do this every day.

Please feel free to contact me to ask a question or express any concerns. At this time, the best way to reach me is email. I will reply to your email the same day received.


Knot Creations was featured in the Washington Post in July, 2012 as well as several other newspapers across the US, Canada, and other countries around the world.